Oxygen Facials

Luzern Signature Oxygen Facials-Instantly boost your skin’s vitality with high-tech pep-tides, apple stems, and cell renewing activities. The next generation, age-fighting facial. Medical grade ingredients combined with rare Alpine organics, deliver unparalleled cell-renewal, damage repair and nourishment.

We combine the gold standard of certified Bio-Suisse organic anti-aging extracts with pharmaceutical-grade active ingredients, and then process them using the most innovative pure processing techniques available for powerful, luxurious results.


We believe in educating our customers about the careful selection process and exact formulations that contribute to the powerful purity in all our products.
We always choose non-toxic and non-irritating ingredients, and we stay far away from artificial fragrances and chemical preservatives. We rely on the remarkable plant extracts grown sustainably in the Valais region of the Alps—certified Bio-Suisse Organic—and then protect the potency and freshness of the actives in each of the formulas by producing them in small batches at low temperatures, so heat does not destroy their anti-aging goodness. The efficacy of our boutique approach to processing shines through in the health and beauty of your skin.


We use pharmaceutical-grade actives for their ability to work in synergy with one another by increasing cellular energy and optimizing healthy cell function. With this combination, we’ve created a powerful line of products to repair, detoxify, hydrate, and balance the skin.



Swiss Alpine plants, found at the highest possible altitudes, have been subjected to strong temperature fluctuations and high UV radiation. These high altitude plants contain high concentrations of antioxidants. BECAUSE OF THIS UNIQUE ALPINE “PROTECTIVE FACTOR,” SWISS EXTRACTS ARE THE “GOLD STANDARD” IN ORGANIC BOTANICAL EXTRACTS.

Their “protective factor” has been harnessed by Luzern to develop products that protect the skin from the negative impact of the modern environment. Shop Now


Chemical irritants and toxins found in much of today’s skincare can trigger inflammation that increases skin sensitivity and even accelerate the visible signs of aging. This inflammatory response stresses the skin’s natural repair process, damages its protective barrier and breaks down collagen, hastening the appearance of lines and wrinkles and undermining the healthy function of the skin. That’s why you’ll find only the purest of ingredients in every product of Luzern organic skin care. Shop Now

12 Toxic Ingredients Never Found In Luzern Products:
Parabens / Ethanol / Synthetic Color and Dyes / Propylene Glycol and Pegs / Phthalates / Benzoyl Peroxide / DEA / Sulfates / Chemical Sunscreens / Mineral Oil and Petrolatum / Sodium Hydroxide / Synthetic Fragrance



Luzern is proud to say that we do not engage in animal testing or use animal-derived ingredients in our products. We prefer to rely on our deep knowledge of botanical extracts and cosmeceuticals and to use our technical expertise to make great skin care products. We employ an independent company that uses only in vivo and vitro tests, never animal testing, to ensure our products are safe and effective.


Parabens have been shown to interfere with hormone function, mimicking estrogen. They have been detected in human breast cancer tissues, suggesting a possible link between parabens and cancer.

In addition, studies indicate that methyl paraben applied on the skin reacts with UV-rays leading to increased skin aging and DNA damage.