VISIA® Facial Complexion Analysis


A VISIA™ Skin Analysis is available for you to learn the true condition of your skin. It is an exciting technological innovation that utilizes a multispectral imaging system to identify sun damage and problem areas of your complexion.

After your analysis, you will have a detailed report of your results that can help you work with us to figure out the optimal treatment plan and strategies for you.

During this quick exam an advanced imaging camera will take photos and analyze your skin for pore size, wrinkles, and sun damage not visible to the human eye. Additionally, VISIA™ provides comparative results to see how you compare to other people of the same age group and skin type.

At Living Well Essentials Spa, each patient is provided with a complementary VISIA™ Complexion Analysis. VISIA™ generated reports evaluate skin features for our staff to create a customized treatment plan just for you.